Gait Analysis

Nick Gallogly can perform a gait analysis and help create the custom solutions that you need to improve your quality of life or make an impact on your athletic abilities. Read on to learn more about this process.

What is Gait Analysis?

The gait analysis is a tool that biomechanics and orthotics use to see exactly how your body moves during an activity. Every time that you move, or even standing still, has a unique movement pattern to each individual. If you have any movements that may include some type of compensation, the specialist can see where you are compensating and help use that to see where the issue originates. Once they figure out the origination of the issue, they can create the best treatment plan.

Who Needs Gait Analysis?

One of the biggest benefits of a gait analysis is that it can help your body move in a more efficient manner, which helps you avoid injuries. When you notice that you have weak muscles or stiff joints, these are issues that can limit your range of motion and cause your body to compensate for these problems. This leads to potential biomechanical abnormality, which can negatively impact your life.

Everyone has their own unique gait, which is why a gait analysis can be so important. This can help the orthotist to assess, plan, and treat an individual who is suffering from a condition that impacts their ability to walk and run naturally. There are different approaches to this, which will be decided on after your consultation.


Nick Gallogly is a consultant orthotist who specializes in biomechanics, focused on both the management of neural muscular lower limb conditions and gait analysis. He first became qualified in this field in 2004, when he received his degree in medical mechanical engineering. He then focused on biomechanics and went to Salford University, where he got his qualifications in orthotics and prosthetics. In 2014, he received his master’s degree in clinical biomechanics from Staffordshire University.

Gait Analysis For Children, Adults, Sports Players, Sports Teams

If you’re an athlete, a gait analysis can take a look at your technique when running or walking to see where an issue may be occurring. This can help prevent injuries in the future as well as prevent your injuries from getting worse.

Children and adults who aren’t athletes can benefit from gait analysis. This can help diagnose issues, such as neurological conditions, allowing the specialist to create an effective treatment plan.

Gait Analysis For General Foot Problems, Neurological Problems, Injuries, Sports Injuries

Abnormal gaits can be indicative of a bigger problem. Through a gait analysis, the orthotist can determine any potential issues and create a comprehensive treatment plan that can ease these issues.

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