Custom / bespoke orthotics can help you live your life the way that you want to and not be held back by any joint or muscle issues. Whether you have foot problems, need to feel more comfortable while on your feet or day, or want to improve your sporting ability, Leicester Orthotics ensure your orthotics match your individual needs.

What is an Orthosis?

Orthosis refers to a device that is applied to the external part of the body in order to improve the function of a joint or joints that may be causing you pain. These devices can also be used to restrict the movement of those afflicted joints. Another use for orthoses is to prevent some type of deformity from getting worse or progressing. There are different devices for the various joints that it passes, such as the functional foot orthosis or the knee orthosis. The good news is that these devices can significantly improve the quality of your life.

Who Needs Orthotics?

This is an essential part of a treatment plan that is used to address a variety of symptoms, particularly involving the legs and feet. Often times, these devices are used for:

  • Correcting a deformity in the foot.
  • Providing extra support to the ankle.
  • Reducing risk of injuring the joint further.
  • Helping one’s knee and ankle function better.

Additionally, people who have to work or stand for an excessive amount of time for their job or people who are active in sports. Orthotists can also help you find footwear that fits you properly or help overweight people counteract their weight’s impact on their feet.

These are just a few reasons why people would need orthotics. Contacting a certified orthotist can greatly improve the quality of your life.


Nick Gallogly specializes in biomechanics and works as the head of service as well as the clinical lead of orthotics with the Royal Berkshire Fire Foundation Trust Hospital. He received his degree in medical mechanical engineering in 2004. He then moved into biomechanics, receiving a qualification from Salford University with Honors in orthotics and prosthetics. In 2014, he completed his master’s degree in clinical biomechanics from Staffordshire University. His knowledge and experience in this field has helped him to work with some big name sports organizations, like Gloucester Rugby.

Orthotics For Children, Adults, Sports Players, Sports Teams

Through a thorough assessment, Nick will help come up with the right solutions for his patient’s needs. For athletes and sports teams, this includes helping you select the right footwear for your activities of choice. It can also be determined if your technique when performing the activity of your choice is causing your issues.

For pediatric care, the team can help determine the best solutions to help improve the quality of your child’s life. This can be overwhelming to make these decisions, so it helps to have a professional on your side to walk you through this process.

Orthotics For General Foot Problems, Neurological Problems, Injuries, Sports Injuries

If you have had injuries, struggle with foot issues or neurological problems, there may be an orthotics solution that can improve your life. This may include off-the-shelf or custom solutions that are made specifically for your individual needs.

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Whether you have foot problems, need to feel more comfortable while on your feet or day, or want to improve your sporting ability, we ensure your orthotics match your individual needs.

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